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Aiyana Yoga Practice

As a perpetual student of yoga my latest fascination is what we can discover about our bodies through the practice.  Actually, this has always been what it's about for me, but now I am looking at it differently.

In the last class on March 11th we talked about compression vs. tension; how we can investigate what is keeping us from being able to deepen into a yoga asana - or if we can even do it at all given our body type and bone structure and a bunch of other variables. It's not just about lack of flexibility.

This class we will explore the question of stress - good stress vs bad stress - and the term anti-fragilizing.

We won't have a ton of time for talking as the class is a mere 90 minutes, but I promise a good stretch for your mind and body.

.Aiyana Yoga, which means “forever blossoming,” is a flow-style practice, and with respect to Kali Ray TriYoga, unites the trinity of asana (yoga poses) with pranayama (breath) and mudra (hand gestures).

Deanna Figueira is a certified yoga instructor with over 20 years teaching experience, who has lead yoga retreats around the world. As the former owner of a yoga studio and creator & Director of the yoga program at In Motion Fitness for 5 years, she has had the opportunity to teach diverse groups including seniors, children, and pregnant women, in addition to beginning-to-experienced yogis. Deanna pays specific attention to alignment and is passionate about building strength to prevent injury.For the past 11 years Deanna has been living in Brazil and teaching to students from all over the world.

$20 in advance $25 at the door

You can pre-register through: Venmo: @Deanna-Figueira                                                   Pay Pal (if you have an account)                                                 or contact Deanna to send a check or with other questions: