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Open Up Your Heart and Let the Back Bend In w/Debbe Gagne

Whether you love or fear back bends (heart openers) this workshop will provide you with new ideas for a pain free practice. By exploring bio-mechanics and alignment principles needed for these poses, all levels of Yogi’s will find growth and success.

From beginning back bends to drop backs you’ll learn modifications and use of props to find joy and freedom in these poses.

Debbe Gagne has been practicing and teaching yoga for 26 years. Debbe has been the director and main teacher at Beyond Fitness for 15 years and at Sporthaven health club for 10 years. Debbe brings a strong focus on alignment and a great passion and joy in her teaching. She has taken certifications, immersion’s and workshops from some of the most respected teachers. Her main influence is from the Anusara and Iyengar traditions. Deserae Rumbaugh, Ada Lusardi, Tom Hess and Doug Keller are some of the many teachers she has studied with. 

Cost of the workshop is $25 pre-register $30 at the door