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Origins Meditation

You can resolve your issues from their very origin: your birth.

In this evening meditation workshop, you will be guided on a journey to your soul’s origins, before you had a body on the planet. Using trance and somatic psychology techniques, you will re-write your experience of coming into a body. 

Guided by Lily Rothrock, certified Birth Into Being Method Facilitator and shamanic practitioner. We will work with the plant spirit of Artemisia Vulgaris, or Mugwort, to aid us in effortlessly journeying deep into meditation and healing.

This meditation will help you:

  • Deepen your understanding of your reality
  • Open yourself up to new dimensions and new possibilities, which you were not able to see before
  • Transform negative experiences from your infancy
  • Resolve both conscious and unconscious inner conflicts
  • Access untapped resources and abilities
  • Alter the emotional and behavioral patterns which cannot be controlled with intellect alone
  • Create your own, new, empowering and life-affirming alternative to your original limbic imprint, which neutralizes the diminishing effects of your early conditioning
  • Gain access to a much broader perspective and greater understanding of your role and place in life
  • Increase your quality of connection with others
  • Amplify your ability to relax and trust life

    **If you have previously attended** this meditation can be repeated endlessly, constantly giving new and different benefits.