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Good things from our good friends.

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Yoga Center of Chico has been, for me a place to begin again and offer myself the time on my mat to restore, renew and open. The center is at the same time welcoming but also a place where I can take my space.

I'm grateful to the Yoga Center of Chico--I've come to feel a home there with the wooden beams and smooth floor--a very small rent to pay to live fully in my body. Gratitude. Namaste.

- Deanna Alexich

The Yoga Center of Chico is the highlight of my day! It helps me stay grounded to better balance work/life stress. The teachers are inspiring while being skilled and caring.
- Patrick B.

The Yoga Center of Chico not only provides a wide variety of yoga classes in a serene setting with trees outside the spacious windows, but is also a center for local cultural events such as music and kirtan, and spiritual practices like meditation and the Mind Power workshop that I teach. I’m a regular at the center because I like the smaller classes and individual guidance that the large gyms don’t provide.
- Gayle Kimball, Ph.D.

The instructors are highly qualified and sincerely interested in helping me improve my yoga practice. The Center and instructors are a true asset to our community.
- Leslie Wilkinson

Yoga Center of Chico